MelcoFonts.com part of Melco Company? No, MelcoFonts.com is a 3RD party Company that makes keyboard fonts for Melco Design Shop Software. Can I get tech support on the font with Melco tech support? No, Melco Company does not make the fonts.  Melco Company will not provide support for a third party font. Do you offer refunds? No, since my fonts are digital products I do not offer refunds.   My fonts only work with Melco Design Shop software. Nothing else. Each font is one small file that works inside of the Melco Design Shop software, they are alphabet letters where each letter is its own file. What format do your fonts come in?  Are they available in .jef or .dst ? Design Shop fonts are.OFA format, which is the format that loads directly into the Design Shop software. Due to the nature of these fonts, they are treated like keyboard lettering in Design Shop software.  I do not offer them in any other format, sorry. Do you make special fonts when requested? Yes, at the current time taking requests to help build up the font library that customers would use right away. How do I install the fonts? 1. Open a new folder of your choice on your hard drive in order to save as an unzipped file for long-term storage. 2. Unzip the file. 3. To install a custom alphabet (.OFA) file in DesignShop v9.00.128 and DesignShop v10: (3a.) Close DesignShop (3b.) Copy the alphabet (.OFA) file into:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Melco\Design Shop v10\Alphabets  (4b.) Open Design Shop Go into the Alphabets